Sculpt and Tone Naturally


Single Session Treatments


Renewal Facial

1 Session 45-60 min

introductory offer

Refresh your look with the NCR Renewal Facial that provides an energized and more youthful appearance after just one session, and includes initial consultation. Only $75 (reg. $125) for first time clients.


Signature Facial

1 Session 60-90 min

Be Radiant

Our Signature Facial will accentuate your natural features with added whole body relaxation and non-needle acupuncture techniques at the cellular level, so your radiant face shines!

After my first face firming session my husband was in the waiting room and commented that he could not see much difference. But, the next morning he was amazed at the transformation and said, “What happened to the neck that I woke up to yesterday?
— S.N. in Medicine Hat, AB

For Ultimate Facial Sculpting Results


Natural Choice Facelift Program

12 SessioNS 60-90 min


ultimate facial rejuvenation

The greatest transformation we provide for our clients occurs with our 12 session facial program. Clients can expect on average to appear close to 10 years younger and may experience relief from chronic headaches and insomnia.

I have completed the course of 12 treatments and my skin looks healthier and feels great! My face has a healthier glow, improved firmness, and brighter look around the eyes. The whole experience is mentally and physically rejuvenating. You know the line – when you look good, you feel great! Well worth the investment! Rated 10/10 for satisfaction.
— C. Miller, AB
I have recommended this treatment to many people. The improvements that I have noted are increased tone, skin bright- ening, and general well-being following each treatment. Leanne is a highly skilled technician who also makes each treatment a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Rated 9/10 for satisfaction.
— H. Ziegler, AB, RN, Registered Acupuncturist
Even though I was getting regular Botox injections on my face, friends and family still commented that I was looking tired. I wanted another solution and had heard great things about Natural Choice Rejuvenation. After just a few sessions everyone is telling me how refreshed I look and that my skin is wonderful!
— I.M. in Montreal, QC

Specialized Treatments


TMJ Syndrome

6+ SessionS 30-45 min

Alleviate pain

Alleviates jaw tension, increases range of motion, and relieves pain and discomfort caused by such factors as genetics, arthritis, stress or jaw injury.


Acne or Rosacea Program

6+ SessionS 30-45 min

Natural beauty

These specialized programs heal acne as it destroys the bacteria, while encouraging the healing process without harming healthy skin — and reduces flare-ups and unsightly inflammation caused by rosacea.

Excellent improvement in quality of skin. I would definitely recommend these treatments to others.
— R.Senko, AB

Add-On Treatments

6+ SessionS 30-45 min

Your face and body treatment requirements are unique to you. At Natural Choice Rejuvenation we customize services according to your specific needs. Choose an add-on treatment below to further enhance your personal age-defying and wellness program.

  • Undereye Hydro Boost

  • Hand & Chest Decolletage

  • Cellulite Reduction

  • Meridian Energy Balancing

  • Insomnia