Microcurrent Benefits


At Natural Choice Rejuvenation (NCR), you can dramatically improve the appearance of your face and body naturally and effortlessly.

NCR provides clients with holistic, non-invasive and therapeutic services that bring immediate, lasting results to help you look and feel your best. Our advanced technology uses gentle microcurrents to help boost cellular rejuvenation for a firmer, more youthful appearance... naturally. We treat the entire body and face - to tone, firm and lift as well as reduce fat, cellulite, scars, stretch marks, acne and more.

Our microcurrent therapy is revolutionary, and thousands of people have already used it to produce the physical transformation they desire. That is what Natural Choice Rejuvenation can do for you too. So please take a moment and review our website, and contact us for our introductory offer and consultation.

Ask yourself, “Is it time for me to experience the benefits of looking and feeling my very best?”

What would you like to improve?

We all have areas of our body or face that we’d like to improve – those problem areas that we feel self-conscious about and wish we could change. With Natural Choice Rejuvenation, that wish can become reality.

Visible results can often be seen after just a few treatments, but for the most dramatic, lasting results a series of twelve sessions are required.* You can enjoy two treatments a week – that means transformation in just six short weeks.

Your Treatment Area Choices:


Tone, FIrm & Lift

• Face and Neck

• Breasts

• Abdomen

• Buttocks

• Arms and Thighs



• Cellulite and Excess Fat

• Stretch Marks, and Scars

• Wrinkles, and Fine Lines

• Rosacea

• Acne


* Extensive research shows that although 90% of clients are very satisfied with their results when the recommended program is followed, approximately 10% of recipients may not experience a significant response to treatment. This is due to individual physiological composition, and why we recommend an introductory offer that includes an initial treatment and consultation.

How Does It Work?

Computer programmed low frequency microcurrents transfer energy into the area to be treated, stimulating the tissue to start a remarkable process of renewal. Scientific studies have shown that:

  • Collagen production and cellular repair is activated.

  • Cells are loaded with energy so they can perform at their optimum level.

  • Water and waste materials stored in your fat cells are redistributed to the lymphatic pathways, and eliminated by the body.

  • Circulation is stimulated, which speeds up the metabolism to enhance your ability to burn fat. Balanced tissue hydration is restored.

All it takes is just two treatments per week

To achieve optimum results, a minimum of two treatments per week are required, with two full days in between each session. Treatment times vary depending on the area being treated, and generally last 60-90 minutes. A NCR treatment session is totally pain-free with no adverse side effects; in fact, many clients report feelings of increased well-being and energy after a session.