Full Body

Firm and Lift Naturally.


Abdomen Contouring


Natural Tummy Tuck

12 Sessions 60 - 90 min


slim and sculpt

Firm and tighten your abdomen with contouring treatments that boost cellular rejuvenation. Cellulite reduction can be included as an add-on after your 4th treament.

I have lost three dress sizes and just bought my first new bathing suit in years! I have booked another twelve abdominal sessions to keep the results going.
— P.G. in Vancouver, BC
After I had received just two abdominal treatments people kept asking me how I lost so much weight. I did not lose a single pound, but my body shape changed dramatically. I now have a more defined waist and smaller hips.
— D.G. in Boucherville, QC

 Breast Results


Breast Beauty & Lift

12 Sessions 60 - 90 min


natural enhancements

Turn back the clock and defy gravity with our Breast Beauty & Lift 12 session package, it’s the natural way to firm, lift, and tone.

Before beginning my series of breast firming treatments I was very self conscious about my body and feeling the need to cover up even in front of my husband! I am very happy to be feeling more confident about my figure now. My husband said a big “thank you” too.
— C.L. in Montreal, QC

 Gorgeous Glutes and Thighs


Buttocks & Thighs Contouring

12 Sessions 120 - 150 min


natural enhancements

One of the most effective areas to use microcurrents is on the stubborn fat deposits in the posterior region that cause cellulite. Cellulite reduction can be included as an add-on after your 4th treatment.

After completing my treatments I feel different, look different and love the results.
— H.M. in Lloydminster, AB

Skin Healing


Scars and Stretch Marks

6+ Sessions 30 - 45 min


natural Skin healing

Make those scars and stretch marks fade away by activating new healing anywhere you have skin abnormalities on the body.

Excellent improvement in quality of skin, and reduction of fine lines. I would definitely recommend this treatment to others.
— R.Senko, AB

Add-On Treatments

6+ SessionS 30-45 min

Your face and body treatment requirements are unique to you. At Natural Choice Rejuvenation we customize services according to your specific needs. Choose an add-on treatment below to further enhance your personal age-defying and wellness program.

  • Undereye Hydro Boost

  • Hand & Chest Decolletage

  • Cellulite Reduction

  • Meridian Energy Balancing

  • Insomnia