“Excellent improvement in quality of skin, reduction of fine lines and lifting around eyes, forehead, and cheeks. The treatments are very relaxing and overall promote good health. I would definitely recommend this treatment to others and I always felt amazing after the treatments” Rated 10/10 for satisfaction –
R. Senko, AB
“I have completed the course of 12 treatments of MicroCurrent Facial Rejuvenation and would absolutely recommend this treatment. My skin looks healthier and feels great! My skin has a healthier glow, improved firmness, and brighter look around the eyes. The whole experience is mentally and physically rejuvenating. You know the line – when you look good, you feel great! Well worth the investment, although I do feel quite spoiled now!” Rated 10/10 for satisfaction – C. Miller, AB
"I have recommended this treatment to many people. The improvements that I have noted are increased tone, skin brightening, and general well being following each treatment. Leanne is a highly skilled technician who also makes each treatment a relaxing and enjoyable experience."
Rated 9/10 for satisfaction -
H. Ziegler, AB, RN, Registered Acupuncturist
"Yes, I would recommend this treatment. I did see an improvement in my face -- firming of the skin, less noticeable wrinkles and has helped to keep my skin balanced and clear. I have truly enjoyed the sessions with Leanne." Rated 10/10 for satisfaction -- D. Palichuk, AB
"I have lost three dress sizes and just bought my first new bathing suit in years! I have booked another twelve abdominal sessions to keep the results going."
-P.G. in Vancouver, BC

"After completing my Beautytek™ microcurrent abdomen treatments I feel different, look different and love the results."
- H.M. in Lloydminster, AB

Before beginning my series of breast firming treatments I was very self conscious about my body and feeling the need to cover up even in front of my husband! I am very happy to be feeling more confi- dent about my figure now. My husband said a big “thank you” too.
- C.L. in Montreal, QC
"After I had received just two abdominal treatments people kept asking me how I lost so much weight. I did not lose a single pound, but my body shape changed dramatically. I now have a more defined waist and smaller hips."
- D.G. in Boucherville, QC

"I was amazed at the results after my sixth treatment! When I came in for my first treatment I looked heavily pregnant but now I have a flat stomach, a waist and even my stretch marks are beginning to fade! I have dropped almost two dress sizes! I will definitely be recommending this to my friends."
- SO, Peckham, UK

"I’ve been unhappy about the shape of my breasts since I was about 20. I haven’t had any children, so I think I must just be unlucky! I was seriously considering surgery...
I was rather skeptical at first, but the treatment was pleasant, completely painless and less expensive than surgery. I have gone from looking in the mirror and feeling unattractive and depressed to feeling happy and much more confident with the way I look."
- LT, Watford, UK

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