How many sessions are recommended?
To achieve optimal effect we suggest a course of 12 consecutive sessions. Smokers may require double the number of sessions. Sessions can be done 1 to 3 times per week,with a non session day in between.

How long is a session?
Approximately 45 -75 minutes depending on the number of components included in the session. The initial visit is usually the longest.

How many sessions does it take to see a difference?

A difference can be seen during the first session. One half of your face is treated first, then the microcurrent facial rejuvenation technician gives you a mirror and points out the changes that have already taken place. The most significant changes occur around the 4th - 6th session. Photos are taken at the first, sixth, and final session.

Are there any needles or injections or discomfort involved?
Absolutely not. If you feel anything at all it will be mild tingling in your face.

Is this protocol safe?
Microcurrent is a safe and non invasive procedure that works in synergy with your body's natural energy system.

What result can a client expect?
Many clients have reported a sensation of firmness and lift on their face after their sessions. Lines, wrinkles, sagging, bags and dark circles can be wonderfully improved and even eliminated in this facial rejuventaion process. Clients often report increased energy and relaxation as well.

Will the results be immediately noticeable like Botox injections?
Some changes are immediately evident. How much immediate change depends on the current skin condition, general health and wrinkle depth. What can be expected from our facial rejuvenation program is a gradual transition to a more natural, healthier and toned facial appearance.

Is this procedure used only for cosmetic purposes?   No. It is used for treatment of Temperomandibular Syndrome (TMJ) and Bell's Palsy. Clients with TMJ syndrome may experience a reduction (relief) of headaches, facial/ear pain, ringing in the ears, pain with chewing etc. Bell's Palsy clients may experience enhanced recovery of the paralyzed side of their face.

Is there scientific evidence of the benefits of Microcurrent?  Yes. Many researchers have proven that microcurrent stimulation increases ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) resulting in improved cell metabolism, injury repair, and soft tissue cell regeneration (Cheng et al. 1982). Specific research on microcurrent and skin by Dr. Chi (2003, U of Washington' s Pathology Department) showed: 10% increase in collagen thickness in connective tissue, 35% increase in the number of blood vessels, 45% increase in number of elastin fibers in the dermis, 35% increase in blood circulation in the tissues (improving the health, condition and color of the skin)

What is unique about your program?
It is a completely painless, relaxing holistic multi-procedural approach that produces gradual long term changes. The tone and texture of the skin is improved, giving a more youthful glow. This does not occur with plastic surgery. The advantage of our rejuvenation program lies in its holistic approach that addresses the actual causes of skin aging due to aging factors as opposed to procedures like plastic surgery which masks without correcting the underlying imbalances. (This technique can also be used as an adjunct to surgical face lift to facilitate healing and improve skin tone and texture)

I have already had cosmetic surgery and/or botox injections, can I still use this technique? Yes, most definitely, this technique would be of great benefit to you, as it would improve your skin texture, underlying muscles would be improved giving you a much more natural and youthful appearance.

Are follow up sessions recommended after my initial group of sessions?
In order to protect your investment, follow up sessions are recommended. The frequency depends on individual factors…usually one session every one to four months is sufficient. 
If you are generally healthy, a non- smoker, without excessive exposure to the sun, you may only need a maintenance treatment every 2 to 3 months. 

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