the very latest in European holistic beauty treatments using the Beautytek™ system.
The treatments can be applied to any part of the body for many kinds of aesthetic problems.
Among the most popular applications are:
•  cellulite and/or fat reduction anywhere on the body
•  breast firming and lifting
•  skin firming anywhere on the body
The theory is simple...
      ...make the body well from the inside and the benefits will show on the outside.
This treatment protocol uniquely combines state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and contemporary computer technology with the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine to produce excellent and long lasting therapy results.
In contrast to conventional instruments, the Beautytek™ system
analyses the body area to assess the client's requirements before starting the treatment. Then, using bio-cybernetic principles, the self-repair mechanisms of the body are stimulated leading to stunning therapeutic results.

What is Beautytek™?
Beautytek™ is a non-invasive body shaping and skin toning technique that uses state-of-the-art technology. It offers a safe and pain-free alternative to surgical body shaping procedures.
Developed by an Italian/American team of scientists, the Beautytek system was first introduced in Europe and is assembled in Germany by Medilab GmbH & Co.
How does Beautytek™ work?
A very small electrical impulse (60-600 micro amps) is passed into the tissues. The body's response to this impulse is measured by the Beautytek™ software, which readjusts the impulse to an optimum level. This continuous measurement and adjustment (the bio-cybernetic circuit) means that the energy delivered is the amount required by the unique condition of the client's tissue at each location.
Specially formulated electrolyte gels are applied to the skin. During treatment, nutrients in the gel are absorbed by the tissues (iontophoresis). The combination of nutrients and stimulation promotes the body's healing mechanisms leading to collagen production and cell repair.
Beautytek's software is pre-programmed with complete physiological algorithms for each muscle and tissue group in the area being treated, allowing Beautytek™ to determine the appropriate level of energy to deliver to the tissues.
The treatment ends when the Beautytek™ computer calculates that a physiological and energetic equilibrium has been achieved in the treated tissue
What happens to area treated with Beautytek?
The energy that enters the tissue creates a number of effects, many of them due to the redistribution of water throughout the tissues.
•  The body's energy levels are increased.
•  Water and toxins are moved to the lymphatic pathways. These pathways are stimulated to 'flush' the water and toxins from the body.
•  The water balance is readjusted.
•  Fatty tissue is dehydrated and fatty clusters are broken up.
•  Blood vessels are opened to increase blood flow (perfusion), which increases oxygen and nutrient delivery to the tissues.
•  The ion grid is re-established. (Ions are electrically charged particles responsible for a variety of chemical and electrical reactions in the body.)
•  Nutrients and active ingredients from the electrolyte gel are absorbed by the tissues(iontophoresis).
How soon will I see results?
Although results can be seen after a single treatment, a series of twelve treatments will typically show dramatic results.
How long do the results last?
In terms of fat reduction, the effects are as permanent as any method of reducing fat, including surgery. Provided a sensible eating and exercise plan is followed, the treatment effects are permanent.
In terms of breast lifting, studies have shown that the effects of a course of treatments, without any maintenance sessions, can last anywhere from between three months to a year.
How many treatments will I need?
The speed at which the body responds differs from person to person, so it is difficult to specify how many treatments a person will need.
We usually recommend that an initial course of 12 treatments be undertaken to ensure best results. Your therapist will assess your individual needs and recommend a personal treatment plan.
How often do I need treatments? Do I need any maintenance treatments?
For best results we recommend two treatments a week, with at least two whole days in between (e.g. treatments on Monday & Thursday OR Tuesday & Friday OR Wednesday & Saturday).
Once the desired result has been achieved, we recommend that maintenance treatments be undertaken every three to four months to ensure permanence.
Your therapist will advise what is best for you.
Can I have more than one area treated at a time?
During your initial 12 treatments, you can only have one area treated at a time. Otherwise, the energy is dispersed and not concentrated where it is required.
However, when you start your maintenance program, you can treat two areas at the same time.
How long does a session last
Typically, a session will last around 60 minutes. The face and leg treatments are longer.

Will I feel any pain or discomfort?
No. The Beautytek™ treatment itself is entirely non-invasive and painless for the client. Usually, all that is felt is the movement of the probes over the skin.

During treatment, some clients feel gentle vibrations and occasional tingling sensations.Feelings after treatment are similar to after a light massage with some clients reporting an increased sense of well being and energy after the session.
Do I need to diet or exercise?
Beautytek™ is effective without the need for strict diets or exercise plans.
However, we do recommend that clients increase their intake of fresh fruit and vegetables, reduce dietary saturated fats and try to get 30 minutes of exercise a day.
We also ask all our clients to drink at least two litres of water a day, to keep the body properly hydrated and help the client get the best result possible from their treatment.
Are there any side effects?
Beautytek™ delivers dramatic results that are comparable with surgical results, without the risks and side effects associated with surgery. No recovery period is required and no adverse side effects have been reported. Beautytek™ treatments are suitable for persons of all ages and ethnicities. During and after treatment you may feel the urge to go to the bathroom frequently. This is perfectly normal and indicates that the treatment is having a desired effect.
Under what circumstances would I not be able to have a treatment?
There are a few medical and physical conditions where Beautytek™ treatment will not be administered.
•  Pregnant and breast-feeding women, clients wearing a pacemaker, suffering from epilepsy or cancer will not be treated.
•  Clients with large metal implants such as artificial hips cannot be treated in the area of the prosthesis, but it does not negate treatment of other areas.
•  If you are feeling unwell, the energy levels in your body will be low, so you may not get the most out of your treatment.
Discuss any medications you are taking with your therapist prior to undergoing treatment.
Is this too good to be true?
We will not promise miraculous results for any of our treatments. The Beautytek™ system works with a healthy body to help it to function better. For the majority of clients, the results will be good to excellent. In fact, many clients see significant improvements after only one treatment! Another smaller number will see less dramatic but still positive results.
However, research has shown that up to 10% of clients will not see the desired benefits, due to unique, individual physiological factors. Severe obesity inhibits treatment results as does smoking and overuse of alcohol. Extensive experience has provided solid data as to the normal number of treatments required for each type of desired result. Your therapist will provide you with realistic treatment expectations and the digital before and after photographs will clearly demonstrate your personal results.
I have breast implants. Can I still have Beautytek treatment?
Yes. Beautytek is very beneficial to clients who have breast implants that have lost their shape.

How much does it cost?
The price of Beautytek™ treatment programs variy, depending on the number and type of treatments needed, the size of the areas treated and individual personal factors. Please contact me to arrange for an consultation.
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