Reduce the signs of aging with ...
MicroCurrent Facial Rejuvenation (MFR).  

The MICROCURRENT FACIAL is one of the latest procedures in anti-aging protocols and is a non-invasive, non-surgical, and comfortable alternative to facial surgery, botox, thermage, dermabrasion, chemical peels and other anti-aging approaches that either treat only the local area or are damaging to the skin.  The microcurrent facial can take 15-20 years off your face, with absolutely no risk or side effects and with rapid and lasting results. 

A Holistic Approach
MICROCURRENT FACIAL REJUVENATION is unique in taking a holistic approach.  We don't just treat your face but rejuvenate your whole body.  Microcurrent therapy, meridian balancing, non-needle acupuncture, nutrition, diet and lifestyle advice, and the use of therapeutic grade products are incorporated to address your individual concerns.

What this treatment program has done for ME :)
 - improve the tone and texture of my skin
 - increase collagen and elastin
 - reduce fine lines and wrinkles
 - improve rosacea and acne
 - look years younger
 - address and improve TMJ issues
 - enhanced my total health and wellness

Also effectively treat...
 Acne, Rosacea, Bells Palsy, Insomnia, Cellulite, Smoking Cessation, and TMJ
If you have TMJ issues, you MUST MUST Click on the TMJ link above to see microcurrent in action effectively and painlessly treating TMJ!

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