Accu-O-Matic Microcurrent Unit (AOM)

The AOM Machine has the capacity for evaluation functions as well as treatment functions. Meridian Balancing is a unique method of measuring every energy pathway in the body and producing a graph to show where imbalances are located, and to track resolution of these imbalances throughout the treatment. Microcurrent machines designed for only facial treatment do not have this capacity. As our protocol uses a "total body" approach addressing the causes of the aging process at a cellular level, this is a critical component.

The meridian balancing treatment is a root treatment that can be combined with any other modality or protocol to enhance clinical effect, and break through healing blocks.

The AOM machine has a patented unique wave form called the Tsunami wave form. The AOM machine is very effective in being able to trigger acupuncture points and penetrate deep into the body to produce a clinical effect.  As this is a professional microcurrent machine, there are more parameters available and flexibility of treatment options than on smaller "home units.

"The AOM Machine can be used for cosmetic treatments as well as other clinical treatments such as pain relief, wound healing, non-needle acupuncture treatments and others.

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